"Breathless" lyrics - CARLENE CARTER


If you love me
Please don't tease
If I could hold you then let me squeeze
My heart goes round and round
My love comes a tumbling down
You leave me - ahh - breathless

Well I shake all over
And you know why
I'm sure it's love honey and that ain't no lie
'Cause when you call my name
You know I burn like a wood in flame
You leave me - ahh - breathless

Oo - baby - um - crazy
You're much too much
Honey I can't love you enough
It's alright when you hold me tight
'Cause when you love me you love me right

Come on baby now don't be shy
This love was meant for you and I
Wind rain sleet or snow
I'm gonna be wherever you go
You have left me - ahh - breathless