"Poor Old Heartsick Me" lyrics - CARLENE CARTER

"Poor Old Heartsick Me"

Poor old heartsick me
Twice as lonely as a girl ought to be
What will the future be
For poor old heartsick me

I thought I was mute to that big yellow moon
And its magic fell all of pure snow
In the moonlight it's hard to keep a heart on guard
Against love that's waiting to grow

As I'm enclosed in your arms, all my calls for alarm
Just roll on like the waves in the sea
When you cast me aside, I just hatch down and cry
Poor old heartsick me


You're made part out of me as God made Adam for Eve
It's the same as He made you for me
What if Adam like you had gone off rambling, too
What kind of this old world would this be

You don't want to admit that you, too, have been bit
By that love god, those tiny teeth
Why don't you realize, you just mean paradise
Poor old heartsick me


For poor old heartsick me