"Third Time Charm" lyrics - CARLENE CARTER

"Third Time Charm"
(Carlene Carter - Pete Marsh - Andy Howell - Roger Bechirian)

There's safety in numbers
'Cause love lies in 2 by 2's
And tucked under my covers are
All my meories of you

Day 1, you were the only one
Day 2, we both knew you looked at me
The way I looked at you
Day 3, you take me

If love stood to stand a chance
I would've stood by you
But it was outta my hands
When I fell into your arms
There was no room

Say 1, one little thing you meant
Not 2, too far and few between
To mean much more than you meant to mean
Say 3, little words like you and me

First time lucky
Third time a charm
How could loving like this ever do anybody harm

If dreams are for dreamers
And sleepwalks just were it choose
Well it seems to me that us dreamers
Should be sleepin' in our shoes

And it up to you can figure it out
Bo two and better suited to be side by side
So suit and tie
Say a few little words like you and me

If you just figure it out
We could come out ahead
If you'll just count on me
I'll be counting to 3
'Cause love never dies
It's keep if we keep it inside