"Why Be Blue" lyrics - CARLENE CARTER

"Why Be Blue"

I can't sleep at night for all the commotion
My heart beat the hell out of our devotion
Tied up and tied down, cried out of my mind
Crazy to love you, crazy still to care

Black circles under my eyes
You run circles around those other girls? guys
Otherwise a woman would wake up and start a war
Why be blue anymore?

Why be blue over you?
Why be blue over you?
(Why be blue?)

Life is too short to spend in tears
Save something sweet for the not-so-tender years
Try not to cry much, oh when it's over
Goodbye to you, and goodbye to heartache too

Should have seen it coming, should have seen the signs
Would have been better off if you?d never ever been mine
Otherwise a woman woke up and walked out the door
Why be blue anymore?