"Woman On The Edge" lyrics - CASSANDRA WILSON

"Woman On The Edge"

She walks along the city streets as if no would dare
Follow the path that she has chosen to take her anywhere
She walks beneath the city lights, no other way
Until she captures every eye and makes the pavement sway

Woman on the edge, something to behold
Her happiness is simple and clear
Like a spot of shade or a bottle of beer
Coolin' the day away

She looks at the moon and laughs
Then away she goes
Until a stranger passes by that she might want to know
He's got a penny in his pocket he wants to give away
She looks at him dead in the eye, spits on the street and says

"Ho, I don't need your money, I don't need your time
I'm on my way to another world
Where the people play like clouds in the sky,"

Clouds in the sky, clouds in the sky
Why don't you stop and ask her
How she feels about the life she's living?