"Great Waves" lyrics - CAT POWER

"Great Waves"

Last boat, stand in the river
Muddy river, high, eye-level
Hawk flying, is fooling his folly
Gas hurricanes spread over Heaven

Weeping willow
Is bawling goodbye
On fire

Humans running for cover
Wishing for life, gripping the light
House lift up, trees lift out
Cars intersect in the middle of the sky

All time fell
No pull, no gravity on the ground
Given up, it's over
The world's weight is over limit

Our bodies are exploding
As the sky spills through our mouths
All the blue blood is flowing
The cities, its contents have been ripped out

The world is gone
Did you know you could last this long?
You made it to the dark, now you're gone
You are gone

Great waves
Frozen in a secret space
Great big place
Dark, spilling universe

Last boat, stand in the river