"Oh Time" lyrics - CAT POWER

"Oh Time"

The beat goes on, goes thunk, thunk, thunk
I gotta go after this one
Drive me mad if I'm too cluttered
When the boy became a man
I knew his hand would trade to others
He told me to do as he said
And then he sold me as if I was stuffed and dead

Oh time, great healer

Rode a boat low and steady
The [?] girl is armed and ready for the race
How could I compare how could I have dared
She knows not the brazilian ocean gate
She knows not what the horseback forest raved

She knows not the length of your hair in my hands
She knows not what the wet of your face has meant

A ticket to atlanta family knows another now
A ticket from atlanta family knows and others shot down

You win,
I'll give in,
I forgive you

Oh time, great healer