"Ground" lyrics - CELTIC FROST

(Tom Gabriel Fischer / Erol Unala)

I am hatred, seeping blood
The rain, the flood, the grief
I am rage, becoming flesh
A dismal, ravaged life
This is pain: a wall of tears
And my tears are my truest friends
This, my heart: a dying sun
A flower fading to black

Oh, God...why have you forsaken me?

In this darkness called my mind
The waste you left for me
I'm your shit; your verbal smut
Your twisted world, recapped
This is you: your lifeless soul
Your sick and fucked-up lies
In my world, your love is death
Your disease; your skin that burns

Oh, God...why have you forsaken me...?

You tied my limbs and buried me alive
And piled this frozen mud
You watched me die with lustrous eyes
As all your words grew stale
You mocked my care and stained my mind
You yearned for me to fail

Oh, God...why have you forsaken me...?