"Rex Irae (Requiem: Overture)" lyrics - CELTIC FROST

"Rex Irae (Requiem: Overture)"

Rex lrae...
Dream Encounter
[King Wrath:]
[Dream Voice:]
"... have joined your father's feast
Those who saw: Essence or fall
Floods of dramatic silence
And words, from whom we don't know"
[King Wrath:]
"Let me dream...
Flee from false...
I have tasted the weight of lust
My hands on the skein of height"
[Dream Voice:]
"... A pallid death
Mirage into dark
The horizons echo your glance
Following a detractive sleep"
I am the wrath beneath the heavens
The downfall's monologue
Fallen into the vision of effect
Quiet as gods can be
Orgies of fear
Lnbreeding and death
I have walked Carthagia's sands
L've touched those buried walls
I am the...
All mortal is love?
Remembrance has won
Breathing glorified innonce
Quiescence has died therefore
I am the...
Remembrance I
[King Wrath:]
"We stood before the portals of Babylon
And saw it's petrified fall
We tasted the wine of Persepolis,
As mute as our era's breath"
[Dream Voice:]
"... Have seen your decline's symbols
But carried another life
Death was never a fragment of
Exalting fantasy..."
Remembrance III

[King Wrath:]
"This last region - Last of fire
Orgasmic cries - Tears and words
Wrath and strenght - Oh, gods! For you!
Before the throne... - Death"
Overture: Final
[King Wrath:]
"Fright and praise
A faded light
Intimate rests my book
Unwritten what seems true
I am the..."
[Dream Voice:]
"Art of might!
You remaining king
Take your predesessor's hand
You son of my Jade gift...
I am the..."