"Mad" lyrics - CERAMIC ANIMAL


Where you going honey?
You got some place to be?
But if you leave now, where will my lovin' be?
And watch the way you talk to me
I'm runnin' out of sympathy
I'll burn it all down
Burn it down to the ground

I look at you
Just sitting there
The comfort of your haunting stare
Thinkin' about if it ever was to be
You close your eyes and no surprise
Bombard me with those precious lies
Going on about the way it was
And it is all because

Oh, darling baby
Oh, darling baby
Oh, darling baby, oh no
You're driving me mad
Darling baby, oh no

Where you going honey?
You walk right out the door
But if you leave know, what's my lovin'?

With no remorse and no reserve
You stomped what we had into the curb
Picking me apart, baby, one by one
Is this what you do for fun?

When I hold you
It's a bitter feeling
'Cause you've thrown it all away
What they told you
Yeah, forget what they said
'Cause they were falcon lame