"Sweet Lady Missouri" lyrics - CERAMIC ANIMAL

"Sweet Lady Missouri"

Held deep in
I'm into you
Even when I'm not next to you
We find a chance to understand
As we burn our fates into the sand, oh
Another [?] reacting
We'll tame the manes with no satisfaction
And every moment
You find yourself
Just in it for the thrill of something else, oh

It's easy
Sweet lady Missouri
But you want it all, just to close back down
[?] into the ground

Tighten up, baby
And take it slow
I work so hard
So you could know
That everything
I do
I do it, I do it for
That I do
I do it, because I want to
Now that you're on the run
With words that can't be undone
They got out [?] gone

It's easy
Sweet lady Missouri
We want it all, it comes back down
Digging yourself [?]