"I Have Lived" lyrics - CHARLES AZNAVOUR

"I Have Lived"

When I take a one way ticket to the road of no return
On a journey every man must make someday
When it's time to meet my maker and explain my sins away
I will tell him, yes I'll tell him I have lived

I have lived each single moment, as a man of flesh and blood
With my soul and all my senses open wide
I have lived and tasted everything
That called out to be tried
I'm afraid of neither heaven nor of hell
Never caring if I had a soul to sell

I was no more optimistic than my fellow man would be
I have always been an artist not a saint
Now the neon lights are dimming no more costumes no more paint I admit that I was selfish, I have lived

I have lived a life of running after joy and happiness
With my feelings always tearing at my heart
Oh my lord, I should have thought of my salvation at the start
But I lived so many mornings I was told
You would take a sinner back into the fold.

If my reasons seems too fragile and my words of no effect and forgiveness is the one thing I must win
I'll explain my life and show you all I am and all I've been and I'll save in my defence, well I have lived

I have lived with soul on fire with desire in my skin
In the name of everyone I've ever known
I have worshipped every shrine of love and if I must at all I'll be ready then to kneel and pay the price
For the yesterday's I spent in paradise

I have lived, my life