"Hanging Around" lyrics - CHARLI XCX

"Hanging Around"
(Charli Atchison / Rivers Cuomo / Jeremiah Raisen / Justin Raisen)

Help me out, I need escape
It's the truth, I got to go
With all the boys in the back alley
And all my girls in the superstore
Because we need electricity
City lights gotta glow for me
Oh I'm more than a car park queen
So get your shit now, we got to roll

Let's blow out of this town
Too bored, hanging around
Sky high, head in the clouds
Never gonna come down
Drums, bass, turn 'em up loud
Free fall, spinning around
Sky high, head in the clouds
Never gonna come down

Take the car and cut the brakes
Driving out into the dark
Even though I love mum and dad
I wanna swim out there with the sharks
I wanna learn to speak Japanese
Razor-sharp on the silver screen
We were made for a limousine
So get your shit now and come with me


Blowing bubbles out in the grass
All tangled in the stars, getting faded in the back seat
You can be hanging with us
We used to walk around the backstreets
Swimming pools with no heat
Fuck a dream, I want it for real
Always make it look so easy, moving to the city
Take a little sip of surreal
We're much more than nothing, yeah, we're all just trying to be who we feel

Throwing cake up in the air, we don't care, no
Surfing on a silver wave, wanna let go
We're so bored of being here, we don't care, no
I wanna run, be wild and free, and with my friends standing next to me


[Outro 2x:]
Hanging a-
Hanging a-
Hanging a-
Hanging around