""The Mermaid" Sereia Do Mar" lyrics - CHICAGO

""The Mermaid" Sereia Do Mar"

I was at sea
And on my own, sailing so free
I was alone, lost in my thoughts
And melodies, suddenly thrown
And helplessly blown
Windy the storm
So quick it came, wild and warm
I felt the rain as I was swept
Across the waves, I saw a face
Such beautiful grace
Stories of old
And sailor's songs often have told
Lovely ladies who dwell the sea
They sing of love as sweet as can be
But never speak
They love men who sail the sea
In their hearts, they know love never can be

Adrift and afraid
What hope I had beginning to fade
And looking bad, then I was saved
A miracle as a mermaid, sang her serenade
All through the night
Until the dawn she held me tight
The clouds had gone, she led the way
We headed home, tears in her eyes
We said our goodbyes

Sailing the sea
Sailing so free
They know love never can be
After this night