"Momma" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN


This goes out 2 the mommas
I remember Saturday morning to me waking up to momma in the kitchen cooking I said cooking I was just a young dude watching morning cartoon waiting 4 momma 2 braid my hair I used to hate to get it done 'cause she would braid it to tight my momma always gave style shed knew I would like then I woould outside and play shed sit on the front pourch while me and Bob played ball
Momma always did little things like that momma always will know I love her to deaf for all the things that you used 2 do momma I dedcate this one to you its straight from the heart this is your song imma be one so you already know that imma sing this one for you so let me sing this one to u.
She's like the mother of naba hand nig bh everybody knew Mrs.Joyce were we stayed all heads said she was cool nothin' that she wouldn't do wat about CB she was going to act a fool and wit the money that she made she took the bad and mad it all ok never was to stingy alwazys there to give it
Everybody say M-O-M-M-A EVERYBODY SAY M-O-M-M-A [4x]