"Oh Baby" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"Oh Baby"

Lately I've been throwin' hints around it
I've been tryin' ta get you to (ooh)
Tryna get you ta talk about it (what do I gotta do ta)
Get you to see (see)
Them otha dudes (they ain't me)
They wanna show you the same thing you've already seen
I know you gotuh 'notha drive in ya (ooh baby)

Oh baby (oh baby)
Girl I know your otha man
Musta heard you so baby (so baby)
(Ut oh utoh utoh)
(Tell me why) you got me on hold baby (hold baby)
Can you just give me the chance
Shoulda hadya before baby (ooh baby)
Give it a chance (girl one mo'gain)

Whateva happened before ya had me
Girl that don't matter no mo'
And I don't wanna lie and say ima take it away

When I know I won't
(Girl I know I can make you forget about it)
I can show you how to live
(Here without it)
I go hard in the paint
Girl it ain't whatcha think
Please believe that I can do it (ooh)

I know you heard it all before
(So baby ima just get right to it)
And if you let it flow out
(Ill give it to you)
And make you see that
I'm what you need in your life
Lemme show you how to do it right (ooh)