"One More Chance" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"One More Chance"

Came here tonight
Knew I would see you
But I, Wasn't quite ready for it (no)
These feelings I can't ignore ('cause)
The two of us are over
But I'm not sure if I'm over you
Baby I, made a mistake
When I up and walked away, Now

I wish I had one more chance
One more chance to tell you, Baby I know better, 'cause now I see that you are the girl (one more chance)
One more chance to show you
How much I still love you
Too bad love is over, 'cause I wish I had one

One more night
To talk late on the phone
(One more), One more smiley face
Like the ones that you put on the bottom of your notes (OH), one more touch, one more hug
(Don't even talk about a kiss)
I can't help but reminisce 'cause

Baby oh baby I know I stated we needed some time apart
But what I see in you has got me on a mission, I'm just wishin
Maybe just maybe you'll realize and you'll let me back in your heart
I'm at your mercy, Ooh girl I wish I had oneeeee

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