"Original" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN


Who is it on my radio
Bustin' splits on the dance floor
Snaggin awards and keep dough
Havin' the girls like oh
Who is it blazin' the track
The smoothest cat
Cool like that
Got all the haters
Sayin' I smell a rat

All the people
Treated me mean
All in my face
Once I hit the scene
Hittin me up asking fo dat green
I'm like nigga please

From the CD to ma show
I ain't stole
No gimmicks
Just a pro
That's original
Reppin dat young
From the brain to toe
No gimmicks
Just a pro
I'm original

(Hey Usher)
Naw I'm Chris Brown
Haters sit down
(That seems familiar)

Naw 'cause I'm new in town
Seem like they only
Wanna see me frown
Buying my album
Tryna see who I copped
To the haters who bought it thanks a lot
Remember sayin' I'm a
One hit wonder
That's gonna flop
Five singles later and I'm still on top
Going platinum
The first week it dropped
I might pause but I'll never stop
Prince of RnB and hip hop

I'm hot like fire
But never a liar
Hot like hell
My albums can only sell
Stoppin' hearts
Since I started been
#1 on 106 and park
Spreading that new slang
17 and doin' ma thang
Write my own songs
Create my dance
Do my own harmony
Doin' just fine without a mami
Get and opportunity got the
Talent to sing and go
If that's phony I don't wanna
Be original