"Our Savior's Hands" lyrics - CHRIS HILLMAN

"Our Savior's Hands"

All is dark and all seemed lost
When our lord wore the sinners cross
They nailed his hands that had hurt no man
A mighty roar came over this land

And the ground had shacked and the wind had squalled
With his hands he could have stopped it all
But he knew the price that had to be paid
On the righteous path to the narrow way

From the rich and poor drink from the cup
It is his hands that'll lift us up
To eternal life there forever and than
Only flows from the saviors hands

Oh the righteous path marks a good man's way
And a good man's way can be led astray
For the road is wide for the dept unpaid
For those who run from the narrow way

From God above these hands wear made
To be lifted up when we pray
From brothers and sister throughout this land
We will shake our savior's hand