"Surrender" lyrics - CHRISTINA PERRI

(Adrianne Gonzalez / Aijia Grammer / Christina Perri / Rachel Platten)

Surrender, mm
Surrender, mm

I can make a list, a million things I need to fix
I make everyone crazy, is it somethin' about me?
I keep tightenin' my grip, but I aim so much I miss
And I'm fightin' the river

When I try to hold it all together
But it's just not gettin' better

Surrender, mm
Surrender, mm (Ooh-ah)
It's breakin' my heart 'cause I don't understand
Why so much is out of my hands
I have to remember
Oh, I keep learnin' the hard way
Oh, keep forgettin' how to pray
Someone tell me I'm okay

I climbed a mountain, I could not resist
And I hit bottom at the top of it
I was broken wide open

There's a freedom in the freefall
Wanna scream, but I whisper

Surrender, mm
Surrender, oh
Oh, surrender ('Cause I don't understand)
(I might just surrender instead)
I've got to remember ('Cause I don't understand)
(Why so much is out of my hands) Ooh
(I have to remember) Ooh
(Let me surrender, surrender)

Surrender, mm (Ah)