"Island Of Anger" lyrics - CHRISTOPHER CROSS

"Island Of Anger"

It's a beautiful world
Filled with stupid people
Beating each other's brains out
Like the cavemen did
But I'm stuck right here
Wondering why I can't do
Like the brave men did

Oh don't I know
This ain't no way to live
When everything I see and hear
Makes me mad
And there's no silver lining
The stuff that doesn't get me angry
Makes me sad

Hard to believe I'm not a kid
Hard to believe the things I did
Hard to believe the ways I hid my love
Wondering now why I'm not free
Wondering how I came to be
An island of anger in a sea of love

And love rules
This much I understand
But all the ones who live for peace die for it
Still somehow that message comes
And every day I struggle to decipher it

Younger by half
I was quick to laugh
Hopeful and alive to what might come
Where's my spark
Skies so dark
All I seem to hear is a distant drum

Hard to believe the time's so short
Hard to believe I'm still in port
Dying to set a different sort of course
Wondering now how I'll get free
And how to become a refugee
From an island of anger
In a sea of love