"Dark Angel Theme" lyrics - CHUCK D

"Dark Angel Theme"

[Chuck D:]
Aight, this is how we gon' do it, come on, uh
Birth, she here on the planet Earth
Against the curse of grain and submitted brain
Trained to submit the corporate reign
Radiation range, generation pain, fear
Migraines created by megabytes
Immune the night, every flight, it ain't right (it ain't right)
Uh, to the vast alone, the world shook up the ozone
In a world within a world (shake it down now)
The universe with new universes within
A world within a world saving the world from danger
In the realm of darkness, saved by Dark Angel

[MC Lyte:]
Who am I, an angel sent from above
Showing no love to thugs that rub me the wrong way
Nothing but cold nights and long days
When the woman ain't got nothing on me
Put a thin smile, criminal, post up 'cause it's about to get lonely
Queen of the underworld, you let it be?
You come here, you better be ready to stoppin' our fear
Long after you're put to rest I'll still be here
Fightin' for those in despair, Dark Angel

[Chuck D:]
Can't stop it, catastrophic prophet
Bankrupt to the prophets, erupted volcanic rockets
Fibre optics use backers, reform the hackers
Reserve, real world slacker, she burn baby burns
So we can learn, crazy learnin'
Access codes, blasts to overloads
Seen the old ways explode, saved by Dark Angel

[Chuck D:]
The science, robot alliance
Comes in all shapes, with fairly new apes takes for granted
God planet, dangling rage, got a train against the grain
Throwing mama's pain off the train, talking heads

[MC Lyte:]
Talking heads, walking dead, some living to die
Some fighting the power, some living a lie
Keeping the truth from the vocal booth
Hoping you cool, big brother scoping you
Ready to get hi-tech and dissect your brain
Then your chest and open you
Knowing a few will only make the grade
Dark Angel, from who you should be afraid