"Horizontal Heroin" lyrics - CHUCK D

"Horizontal Heroin"
(Carlton Ridenhour / Kerwin Young)

Yeah Chuck, this is Griff
That studio session you set up 24 extincts today
I already called to set it up
So I be there takin care of that aaight
Give me a call let me know w'sap

Peace Chuck this is Griff check this (w'dap)
Brothers and sisters, they slow gas
Sleepin, not-not nappin
Snoozin and loosein this war to this new world order war
Once more
It looks like to me
This beast prepared a horizontal feast
No least then a 666 corntale trips
This devil loves it man, but check this
His enemy is going public
He going public about this vertical snowflakes
Bakes at 33 and a third degrese
On her knees she begs please (please please)
Just give me just one more hit
Just give me just one more hit
Just give me just one more hit
Ease my pain
Brain on a wide sooooooooo train
Set a one way trip
To the???? trippin America
Brought to you by the ultimate sin
Horizontal pozes, cloth and backsin
Horizontal heroin (watch it)
Peace this is Griff..
And we bring it full circle
Black to the dome
Aaight check 'em out

Yo Griff this is Chuck, it's bangin
Yo ok, I got your message and everything
Yo I kick in the ATL right