"American Man" lyrics - CHUCK PROPHET

"American Man"

American Man
Up on the mound
With the Orange Alert
And the New Wave sounds

American Man
In the laundry pile
With the rain-check claims
And the skateboard child

Like a shadow in the darkness
In a plot full of holes
I'm a hometown guy
And a foreign spy
Back on the street
Up for parole
Torn like a page
From the book of the damned
I'm your American man

American Man
Three times your size
With blood on my lips and
Milk in my eyes

American Man
With a gun in his brain
On a blood-stained sheet
In the Macy's parade

Like a king with a kingdom
In a room without a view
We're gonna bang a gong
Let's get it on
But you're dry as a bone
And I'm all over you
Folded like a page
From the book of the damned
I'm you American Man

American Man
American Man

In the Georgetown Bars
With the Prozac kids
And the Oliver Stones
And the tabloid smiles