"Downtime" lyrics - CHUCK PROPHET


Don't want to run with the crowd no more
Had enough of that stuff
I want to go home, I don't want to go to the bar
I'm afraid who might show up

I will go, move to the mountains
Or maybe to a riverside
Where a man can be alone

I can make it all the way to Salt Lake City
On a full tank of gas
Go anywhere I want

Lookin' for some down time

Well, I memorized all the curves on this road
And the cracks in the ceiling, too
And I memorized my face in the mirror
I look fault, but I never got a clue

Now, I want some down time
I want some down time
Real live, dreamin' girls

Now, now, I don't want my head fucked up
And wake up all alone
I want to eat my lunch at the same cafe, everyday
I want talk into no battery charge at home

I'm lookin' for some down time