"I'm Giving Love For Christmas" lyrics - CINDERELLA

"I'm Giving Love For Christmas"

I'm giving love for Christmas
To everyone I know
It doesn't need a bow
It only needs to come from your heart

I'm giving love for Christmas
So everyone can see
What Christmas means to me
It's more than presents under the tree

Christmas is all about caring
And as every princess knows
Nothing is quiet as warming
When it's storming or it snows

So, I'm giving love for Christmas
The best gift that I can give
And in these times we live
It seems more and more, what we're looking for

Christmas is being with family
Seeing all the friends you've missed
Making new Christmas memories
That's the first thing on my Christmas list

I'd give you everything
If I had everything, it's true
But all that I have is my heart to give
So that's what I'm giving you

I'm giving love for Christmas
And hoping that you will too
(I will, I will)

And hoping that if you do
It just might be me, you give your love to
And that would be
My best Christmas dream come true