"Coup D'Etat" lyrics - CIRCLE JERKS

"Coup D'Etat"

Coup d'eat [4x]

The government gets overthrown
A sudden force,a major blow
Over out,the new comes in
Coup d'eat
Give me a bomb
A molotov
It's a coup d'etat!
The generalisimo sets up shop
Step out of line
Your neck's on the block
Armies marching through the streets
Dressed so sharp,dressed so neat
Coup d'etat [2x]

A push from the left and a shove from the right
It's all plaaned up,we'll do it tonight
First the president then his wife
We'll take them for ranson
Or take their lives
Attack their embassy
They are our enemies
El presidente smokes cigars
Whoever he does not like
He shoots or put behind bars
Coup d'etat [2x]

Kill all