"Love Your Drugs" lyrics - CIRCLE JERKS

"Love Your Drugs"

Took you down for one more hit,
When you gonna stop that shit,
Til the next time its okay,
Slowly watching your decay.

Just one more time,
Just one last time.

Deep inside the living dead,
Zombie fucks retarded head,
I know just what you will say,
Get the fuck out of my way.

Why can't you just love me,
Like you love your fucking drugs?
You tell me that you hate it,
But you never get enough.


Guess it only mattered when,
I turn my back on you again,
For a second I felt fine,
So I tried to save you one last time.

[Chorus 2x]

[Bridge 3x]

Without you I found a way,
And lived to fight another day,
Now you're gone its plain to see,
What the fuck youve done to me!

[Chorus 2x]

OF... ME!