"When The Gates Swing Open" lyrics - CLARA WARD

"When The Gates Swing Open"

Through the years I keep on toiling
Toiling through the storm and rain
Watchfully and patiently waiting
Till my Savior comes again
I, I'm coming Lord
Yes I'm trusting in Your word
Keep me from the path of sin
Hide me in Your love
Write my name above
When the gates swing open
Let, let me in

Oh I'm so tired
Of the load I carry
Yes I'm so tired
Of this world of sin
Oh, the angels
In the kingdom are beckoning
Saying, weary soul come in
I, I'm coming Lord
Yes I'm trusting
Trusting in Your word
Oh just keep me
From the path
Path of sin
Hide me in Thy love
Lord, won't You write
Write my name above
Oh, when those gates swing open
Oh, I, I'll walk in