"Mad, Mad World" lyrics - CLOVEN HOOF

"Mad, Mad World"
(Payne, Wood)

We are all on a ship of fools,
Who make all the rules
It's a mad, mad world

Human zoo we're living in,
Seems you just can't win
It's a mad, mad world

Big money men,
They've got it all
Think they own you body and soul
Line 'em up against the wall,
See how far the mighty must fall

Children starve while others feed
On their own greed
It's a mad, mad world

Poverty, inequality,
How can it be?
It's a mad, mad world

Religion points to a better way,
Tell you that you've got to believe
Jesus saves,
That's what they say
While the devil laughs up his sleeve

There are those with empty hearts,
Who try to drag you down
Don't let them turn your head around,
Keep your feet on the ground