"Pretend" lyrics - CODY JOHNSON


Be like me tellin' you that the sun doesn't shine every time that it rains
And that the moon doesn't come out at night 'til the sun comes back again
And like me tellin' you that a cowboy has never rode across the plains
Is about the same as me tellin' you that my heart's not filled with pain...

So maybe I should just pretend that you never touched my hand
Then maybe I wouldn't feel like there's no reason to live again
Maybe I shouldn't have turned around, and drove this car back across town
Knowin' I'm the one thing you don't wanna see...
It would all make sense if I could pretend
That you never loved me...
Be like me tellin' you that the desert isn't covered in sand
And the way I feel in my heart for you fit into God's plan
And like me tellin you that the star down in Texas ain't standin' alone
And the four walls of this empty house make me feel right at home...

It'd be like me tellin' you that I'm not the kind to ever make-believe
But when I opened my eyes this mornin', you were still there lyin' right next to me...

Me... yea, I wished you never loved me
I wished you never loved me... yea