"So Near And Yet So Far" lyrics - COLE PORTER

"So Near And Yet So Far"

I so often dream
We might make a team
But so wild a scheme
I must banish
For each time I start
To open my heart
You vanish

We might find some isle
Where lotuses smile
And our time beguile
Going native
But how can we go
Unless you are co-

My dear, I've a feeling you are
So near and yet so far
You appear like a radiant star
First so near, then again so far

I just start getting you keen
On clinches galore with me
When fate steps in on the scene
And mops up the floor with me
No wonder I'm a bit under par
For you're so near and yet so far

My condition is only so-so
'Cause whenever I feel you're close, oh
You turn out to be, oh, so