"Burning Bridges" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL

"Burning Bridges"
(Ross Childress / Shane Evans / Dean Roland / Ed Roland / Will Turpin)

Been thinking a lot about my ways
I guess I'm trying baby
Been searching out a way to say
I guess I'm sorry baby

This time I give all to you
It's time I prove something to you

So I'll lift you up and hold you near
I'll warm your heart and calm your fears
See I don't want to lose this love I found
So I'll burn my bridges, burn them down

Been hurting a lot without you here
I guess I need you baby
Been sleeping upon a bed of tears
I guess I miss you baby


...Take all my world and shake it
...Take my dear heart and embrace it
...Take what I say and listen
...My world's changing, changing for you

[Chorus 2x]