"Hurricane" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL


Hurricane's in town
She left for a day than she turned around
Said she couldn't leave
Until the storm she brewed had covered me

Yea this day she feels alive
When her head and heart collide
It's just the way that she survives
And nothing's quite the same
Yea she's living for the change
One and only hurricane

Hurricane's so sweet
She offers up a truce underneath the sheets
She changed course again
Shelter from the Lord and future sins


I'm not helpless cuz she's so selfish
Yea I'm just trying to figure what to do
She keeps running while the world is stopping
Yea there's no telling what she'll crash into
I won't panic cuz she's so manic
Yea I'm just hoping she'll find some truth
Yea, I hope she finds some truth
God I hope I find it too

[Chorus 2x]