"Love" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL


Marching through the corridor,
Through faces I don't know
Got sunshine on the inside,
But nowhere to go

And counting down the hours,
Pretending that it's time
Searching for the patience,
A treasure I can't find

Days try to convince,
Faith can cure all the loneliness
Wishes wish for more,
Wishes that could lead me towards

Love, love is where I know lie
Yeah, love is looking into your eyes

Looking out my window,
Soaring through the blue
Something's always nothing,
'Til I'm touching you

Nights are always spent,
Hiding in life's compliments
And thoughts just thinking more,
Thoughts on how I'm yearning for


[Chorus 2x]...
...I've got to get back, [2x]
...I've got to, got to get back home [Repeat]