"Staring Down" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL

"Staring Down"

Loosened from my pride,
Oh, that monster, he kept me so tight
I threw my Aces down,
Just to face the here and the now

So here I go again - I want to please
Here I go again - Sweet I sleep, sweeter I dream

I've been looking - I've been staring down
I've been searching - I've been staring down
... And your love is what I found

As cautious as a thief,
Oh, but restless, with all of my needs
Now I stand before all I want, & all that I adore

So here I go again - I need to please
Yeah, here I go again
Sweet you sleep - Sweeter I dream

[Chorus]...And your love is what I,
...Long days...Long nights
...Just blinded by what was already in sight
...Now I've found, I've found my way home
...Yeah, I found my way home

[Chorus 2x]...And your love is what I found