"Under Heaven's Skies" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL

"Under Heaven's Skies"
(Ed Roland)

Whenever I taste honey from your lips,
It's a moment of purpose only you can give
Whatever I hear - Whatever I may see,
Whatever my 'cause dear, I know you'll believe

'Cause you're beautiful my love,
When I close my eyes
Yeah, you're beautiful my love,
Under Heaven's skies

If ever you think, careless is the night,
I'll comfort you with silence, 'til the morning light
Wherever you turn - Wherever you may roam,
Whatever you conquer, I'll always be your home


You fly me through your skies of harmony
Then you lay me down with words of honesty
Yeah, you're beautiful...
You're beautiful here with me...

...You're beautiful my love, [5x]
...Under Heaven's skies