"Welcome All Again" lyrics - COLLECTIVE SOUL

"Welcome All Again"

(Welcome all, [3x], my friends)
(Welcome all, [3x], again) [Repeat]
...Welcome all again [4x]

Waking the day - All seems in order
Sweet water taste - The world's now starting

(Yeah, yeah) I got the mountain foreground
(Yeah, yeah) I've got the river deep down

(Woo-hoo-hoo) Welcome all my friends
(Woo-hoo-hoo) Welcome all again

Night time in bloom - It's not so frightening
Swim with the Moon - That's how we like it

((Yeah, yeah) We got the singer singin'
(Yeah, yeah) We got the drinker drinkin'

...(Woo-hoo-hoo) Welcome all my friends

[Chorus 2x]