"Elegy" lyrics - COLOSSEUM


Baby don't you leave me in this world alone
We'll go and see somebody who won't shake his head and moan
Doctors can do anything, it is said, today
I'll do anything, I'll even pray
But don't you leave me alone like this
I couldn't stand it without your kiss
So don't go
Don't you go

Well, there must be something that will cure you true
Is there anything that I can do
I just can't stand it without your living breath
But all that's left for us is your certain death
But baby don't you go
I couldn't face the world alone
So I'll follow you
I'll follow you

To the ends of the mountains I'll tread a path
Just to hear once more your fragrant laugh
I'll swim great rivers and I'll swim the seas
I'll do anything, anything to please
So we'll go together and face the things to come
I'm not afraid...
There, that's done