"Never Meant Nothin' By It" lyrics - CONSPIRACY

"Never Meant Nothin' By It"

Hope you can't sleep at night
'Cause after all the fights
Don't try to shed some light
For I' m already out of sight

I don't wanna see you
Don't want someone to talk to
I've forgotten what me made
And my dreams of you will soon enough fade

I tried to work it out
You were always so devout
But then you began to pout
About what you couldn't do without

Never meant nothin' by it
I won't try to deny it
I thought we'd made it all the way
That in me you'd forever stay

But now I see its all too clear
You said I don't belong in here
But that's alright 'cause I don't care
Go find someone else to scare

Wake the thing inside me
Angry you're not worthy
Never seen me so surly
Until you releashed this

Leave me 'cause you had no reason
Just 'cause I was out of season
This time you were without pleasin'
For you there was no easin'


You were a waste of my time
Thought you were so very fine
Your and corny canned lines
Never gave me peace of mind

It time I said I'd walk away
In this hellhole I will not stay
Across the earth I'll always stray
Those things inside you you just had to say


[1st Verse]