"What Are Friends For?" lyrics - CONSPIRACY

"What Are Friends For?"

Started liking girls in fifth grade
One called Meghan had it made
All the guys in sixth grade
They say she's one hell of a babe

Six guys asked her out the next year
They could overcome their fear
Her dad's answer was too clear
Get the hell away from here

Finally I got tired of getting pushed away
So to everyone's dismay
I asked my lifelong crush if shed go out with me
And amazingly she agreed

Now it's junior prom night
She's the greatest sight
Dancing with my friend to make him feel alright
Next time I looked
The two were making out in the moonlight

What are friends for?
You make feel like I did before
Knocked me down onto the floor

What are friends for?
One simple move made me abhor

You and how you have to outscore
What are friends for?

They say you're so rich and handsome
All the gossip makes me numb
Once again I'm on the bottom
Feeling like the most hopeless bum

It took me time to realize
Love is just a bunch of lies
And I realized how unwise
It is to believe you've got your prize


What are friends for?
You brought me into some big uproar
Made me feel so very poor

What are friends for?
Best friends as sophomores
But now we've got our rancor
What are friends for?

You two move to the same college
But it's not really for a thirst for knowledge