"Jade" lyrics - COREY HART


Do you hear me calling from the frozen winter shores
Can you send an answer angels carry through the door
Our journey will be long with miles to go
Yet every step we take closer I breathe
A single dream desire a thousand days I'll wait for you
Yes I believe you'll follow I surrender what is true
A simple tale to tell live the words
I will always search the world
And bring jade for you...

In June we watched the sunrise
Melting winter from our soul
Your face was touched by soft light
As we lay by magic sea
Night Jasmine filled the air like a mystery
Revealing tender beauty in your eyes
So let me sing a love song let me write it just for you
Let it be forever let it shine and guide us through
So fragile the line I just want you to know
I will slay any dragon from your sleep
And bring jade for you...

Blindfolded I would climb Mount Everest
To... bring jade for you
Bring jade for you
I will bring, I will bring, sweet jade for you
I will bring you jade
I will bring you jade
I will bring sweet jade
For you...