"Love's On Its Way" lyrics - CORINNE BAILEY RAE

"Love's On Its Way"

Oh Father
I wish I had understanding
Never known more
Never been so well informed
We know the score, heard it all before
But I've never felt more powerless

There's so much blood on the streets
So much hope refused
So much grainy teenage photographs on the evening news
Oo, when everywhere's violence
Silently I go

Love's on its way
I hope it won't be too late

When the day comes
And I've counted all my sins
How many? I'll see
I want to be able to say that I did more
More than pray, I did more
Than just spend my money
Just writing letters
Than just going out marching
I did more than talking and saying the right thing
Wearing the right thing
It's time for an uprising


Love's on its way
Love's on its way
Love's on its way
Hope it won't be too late