"Eventually I Made It To Sioux City" lyrics - CRAIG FINN

"Eventually I Made It To Sioux City"

Eventually I made it to Sioux City
And the [?] they shook just like a storm
But the bosses all ask questions
"What's your name? Where were you born?"
I got scared and I walked back into the corn

He said that I should call you at this number
He said that he'd make sure you knew my name
He said let him know you're new in town
And you could really use a friend right now
Tell him that you want to come and hang

Last summer I met a man so evil
Don't even want to think about his face
I made a good amount of money
In a little bit of time
And he's the one that told me about this place

Makes you feel so old in New York City
When the train it never comes and then it stalls
And the buses they just hover there
And they'd move if they weren't really scared
I was frightened when we pulled out of St. Paul

Got jammed up on a job and shot a trooper
I ran into the forest and almost starved
Mom I got my picture in the paper
The searchlights in the woods and empty cars

But it's hard to feel [?] in New York City
And the super says those girls left in the fall
With no friends and no relations
I walked up Penn Station
And I bought a ticket to St. Paul