"Holyoke" lyrics - CRAIG FINN


Massachusetts, man you've got a lot more graveyards than we're used to
I swear to God they're every other mile
We were somewhere up by Holyoke
I mostly drove, she mostly smoked
We mostly get the things we want
Rental cars and restaurants
Different from the ones we have at home

Woke up last month and couldn't breathe
Now there's meds for my anxiety
I swear to God I thought that I was gone
So this year skip the birthday cake
Open flames, they make me nervous
The service was atrocious
But the atmosphere was decent
And by the time I got to bed
She was already sleeping
Sat spinning in the dark
Trying to guess what she was dreaming
Said, "I'm sorry, but the game went extra innings"

Once I start on something
I get obsessed about the ending
Like once we start a show
We watch every single episode
I'm sorry if I scared you
But I thought that I was dying
It's good to get away from the city for a little while
'Cause after the beginning
I rush right towards the ending
Fast forward through the theme song
That thing always always takes so long
I hate it when they end it
Without answering the questions
I'm sorry if I scared you
I thought that I was dying

[Instrumental break]

As we came down in the valley
I was thinking 'bout the pioneers
Blazing trails and cutting clear
All the roads that led us here
I let you take my medicine
'Cause I was hoping you'd be wild
But you just kept on talking
With your sleepy little smile
Going on about the graveyards
Close your eyes after a while
I swear to God, they're every other mile
I swear to God, they're every other mile