"Ninety Bucks" lyrics - CRAIG FINN

"Ninety Bucks"

She said Nathan I need ninety bucks
Puts Popov in a paper cup
It's like she's trying to burn her insides clean
She shimmers like some gasoline
All smoke and shaky hands
Shuts the shades and hits me with her plan

Go back and get certified
X-ray tech and MRIs
Stick with it and finally see it through
I'm sick of all this wilderness
The businessmen on business trips
The distance goes beyond the rate and time

But school don't start until early Fall
I went ahead and made a call
Sometimes I can push ahead
Some nights the wheels just spin

Nathan, you're my only friend

Well, Caesar is in a car right now
He says isn't far right now
If I'm short when he shows up he'll be so pissed
Because credit is something he don't do
Cash is king and three for two
I've seen him use his hands to make a fist

I know that I've been in and out
Connections they get frayed and fraught
Clouded with a million little lies
The medication sometimes works
The drinking probably doesn't help
The shepherd should still love the lambs he's lost

Because the flock can wander from his eyes
The hills are huge the valley is wide
The traffic on the 405
The way those wheels just spin

Nathan, you're my only friend

So thank you for the ninety bucks
Get your coat
Give me a hug
Now it's probably time for you to leave
Go back to your little house
Your driveway and your pull-out couch
And come back at the same time in a week
The lamb can wander from the flock
In shopping malls and parking lots
Sometimes the shepherd brings him back
Some nights the wheels just spin

Nathan, you're my only friend