"In America" lyrics - CREED

"In America"
(Scott Stapp / Mark Tremonti)

Only in America - We're slaves to be free
Only in America -
We kill the unborn to make ends meet
Only in America - Sexuality is democracy
Only in America -
We stamp our gold, "In God We Trust"

What is right or wrong?
I don't know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song,
In America [Repeat]
...In America, [2x]

Church bells ringin' - Pass the plate around
The choir is singin' -
As their leader falls to the ground
Please Mr. Prophet-man -
Tell me which way to go...
I gave my last dollar -
Can I still come to your show?

...In America, [3x]
...I said, Oh, [3x]...Yeah

I am right, and you are wrong [3x]
No one's right, and no one's wrong
In America... [4x]

...In America, [2x]
...What is right for you and me?
...Yeah, in America