"King Of The Mountain" lyrics - CROSBY & NASH

"King Of The Mountain"

And he sits in the grand stand alone
He's got this big smile on his face
He feels like he's just come home
Feels like he's finally, finally found his place
In the sun, he has won
He's the King of the mountain alone

Pigeons fighting over scraps, yeah
Humans they say do not
Hiding from life and little naps
Waking up to find
You have been caught, you have been bought, yeah
You're the King of some mountain alone

Mmm ...
Empty wrappers blowin' past him in the breeze
He can still hear last Sunday roar
He sits there and pulls his coat tighter over his knees
And he listens to these people who aren't there anymore
They were only there for
The King of the mountain alone