"House Of Broken Dreams" lyrics - CROSBY, STILLS & NASH

"House Of Broken Dreams"

[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar)]

Living in a house of broken dreams
Where shadows throw shadows on the wall
And memories are mountains to climb
Knowing everyone can fall

And here where the cobwebs count the hours
Since we let the laughter clear the air
Painfully trying to touch
Knowing that we used to care

Separate houses separate hearts
It's hard to face the feelings tearing us apart
And in this house of broken dreams love lies

[Instrumental (Synth and Acoustic Guitar)]

Can we keep our castles in the air
While we're keeping both feet on the ground?
'Cos if your heart can touch another heart
Love can turn it all around

Get rid of those empty glances and empty sighs
Or tears of longing will fill your eyes
In this house of broken dreams love hides

[Ending (Synth and Acoustic Guitar)]