"Face In Space" lyrics - CUCO

"Face In Space"

[Verse 1: Cuco]
You noticed, that I noticed that you're sad (oh-oh)
'Cause everyone in the world seems to demand (oh-oh)
I saw you, you were gazing at the stars
Wondering what could possibly be out far (out far)

[Chorus: Cuco]
Tonight in the moon, you could fly by my friend

[Verse 2: Cuco]
It's alright, 'cause we're having the time of our lives
Let's smile, let's smile
Don't mind me, it's your time
So fly away to space

[Chorus: Cuco]
Tonight in my room, you could fly by my friend

[Verse 3: Cuco]
Goodbye, goodbye
I'll be back when we die
So long, see you again
We'll see each other when we die